Monday, January 10, 2011

platform boots

so i love boots and while i have 4 or 5 pairs; today i decided to wear my platforms... to the mall. they're about i dunno, 4 inch heal with a 2 inch platform and they're wedges, they come around my ankle. i've probably mentioned them before because i love them to death, they're my favorite shoe... but i found they were not made for walking all day long. as i put them on this morning i knew this was probably the case, but i did it anyway. and within a matter of hours i was dealing with some pretty intense pain. yet surrounded by several stores that sold shoes, i kept mine on... why... i dunno. they looked great and i love the feeling of struting around like a runway model in ridiculously high shoes. im sitting here trying to decide was this says about my psyche. maybe nothing. its not that im a shallow, twit type of girl that exsists too often. im justing willing to deal with pain for... well, stupid reasons. and this isn't the first time i've done this. i can think of a few examples of things im letting hurt me right now. i dunno im exausted and rambling. just to leave on a good note; micheal's was selling strathmore watercolor pads buy one get one free. whoot whoot.

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