Thursday, January 6, 2011

another post

i do this all the time; post something then 5 minutes later think of something else i wanted to say. i hate that. i'm constantly having ideas exploding into my head. what i really hate is when i can't keep track of them all, like the ones i think of on my way to work. i'm drowning in a sea of sketchpads and journals as is it, i'm constantly scribbling ideas down on paper. which reminds me i have a new watercolor portrait done that im pretty excited about. however im not that excited that im willing to fight with my scanner tonight to post it.
anyway the real reason i got on here to type up another lil observation i just made about my life. so it begins with hair color. i'm dyeing my hair black... again, despite what i've been told. everyone is reminding me of the last time my hair was black and it was really hard to get the black out. yes it did involve alot of bad dye jobs, some orange hair, over-processing, three hours, like fifty bucks... i dunno. but somehow right at this moment it doesn't seem to bad, it seems worth it. and so i bought a box of dye today. the point i'm trying to make though is isn't interesting how things seem 'not so bad' in hindsight? how over time our mind's can kind of change a situation? it something as simple as dyeing my hair, i know, i do it all the time. but think of it as life in general... i'm going through something right now that's kinda like having emo kid black hair to platinum blonde. its so hard and almost feels immpossible. but give it a few months, a year and it won't seem as bad. i'll be willing to go black again, does this make any sense? im not saying this is a bad thing, no, the exact opposite. i think its an amazing way the human mind copes and develops. i've been knocked down, im shaken, i don't want to go through this again. but soon i'll be over it. the past will be the past and i'll go again. see?

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